Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tool #10

Out of all the tools, I believe tool 10 is the most important. Student's safety is the number one goal for teachers and administrators. It is very important to make our students conscious about digital citizenship starting the very first time they use a technology device. I want my students to know that a computer can teach them a lot of valuable things and facts, but it can also provide information that is not true and sometimes even dangerous! At the kinder level it is important that they know why some websites aren't safe for them and they understand that the teacher expects from them to be responsible and accountable for what they do with the technology. I like how Vicky Davis presents the idea of responsible digital citizens because I think that kindergarten students can relate themselves to that idea. I always tell my students that we can learn a lot of interesting things from the internet, but that we have to be careful because there are somethings out there that are just not good/safe for them.

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