Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tool # 9

I think that technology is crucial in every single classroom today. Our students are surrounded by technology all the time and it seems to make the learning process easier and fun for them. They love working with computers and ipods. It motivates them to learn and share what they do. While working on tool 9 I found tutpup, I really liked this website and I can totally use it in my classroom with my students. I like the idea of my students competing versus each other or versus another class. I liked the different levels they have, that way my students can adapt the game according to their skills level. Tutpup can definitely be a station during math time in my classroom, I would have my students adding and subtracting and competing to win. Some apps that we have on our ipods are: naming shapes, alpha tracing and number recognition. The way I make sure my students are working properly while using the devices is that I sit near them to monitor, but I also have a “ipod capitan“ at the table that helps me supervise. In my classroom, another way my students can use the small devices is for typing. My students are learning how to write and I am sure that typing sight words and words that they know would highly motivate them to write more words or better yet complete sentences!!

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  1. Love the name "ipod captain" it is almost like a super hero - Captain Technology!